First Press Release

First Press Release on the “Refugee Struggle Congress”

The independent action committee of protesting refugees is inviting to the
“Refugee Struggle Congress” from 1st – 3rd of March, 2013, in Munich

It is almost a year now since the first refugees started to carry their protest against the prevailing legal restrictions to the streets of Germany. Starting in Würzburg, the protest spread to numerous towns and grew to a nationwide movement with hunger strikes, protest tents, the Refugee Protest March to Berlin, a great demonstration with more than 6.000 participants as well as additional actions at the Oranienplatz and the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. During that time the resistance has also borne fruits on the European level: In many other European countries the protests of refugees and illegalised people flared up and are still growing.

With the coming congress from 1st – 3rd of March 2013 in Munich, we, the independent protesting refugees, want to build the opportunity to reflect critically on the actions of the last year. Having this as a fundament, we want to look to the future and discuss ideas on coming actions and at the same time get into a deeper network with all active refugees. Due to the growth of resistance also in other countries of Europe, it will be an important element of the congress to meet with the protesting Refugees from these countries.

The results of this get-together will be announced publicly in a press conference on the 3rd March 2013 at 4 pm. We kindly invite you, the media representatives, to join this press conference!

Of course all media representatives are also welcomed to visit the congress. Please prepare for an accreditation which will take place during the congress. Attached we are sending you a time table of the congress, more detailed information will follow soon. Because of the unsure conditions we have to live and work under it might happen that certain details of the program can change.

We would be pleased about your attendance at this event and about following publications about it.

Yours sincerely,

the independent action committee of protesting refugees

Location: Gewerkschaftshaus München (Trade Unions House Munich), Schwanthalerstraße 64

Phone Media: 0049 (0)176 98340806 (every day 12 am til 4 pm)
Email Media:
Email general:


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